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Trang Trung Huong

2. Education – degree, discipline, institution, year
−    Masters of Engineering Degree, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Technical Education HCM city, Vietnam, 2014.
−    Bachelor of Engineering Degree, Electricity & Electronics Engineering, Lac Hong University, Vietnam, 2008.
3. Academic experience – institution, rank, title (chair, coordinator, etc. if appropriate), when (ex. 1990-1995), full-time or part-time
−    Instructor, Faculty of Mechatronics and Electronics, Lac Hong University, 2017–Present, full-time.
−    Instructor, Faculty of Mechatronics and Electronics, Lilama 2 International Technology College, 2016 – 2017, full-time.
4. Non-academic experience – company or entity, title, brief description of position, when (ex. 1993-1999), full-time or part-time
−    Production Manager, Aureole Fine Chemical Products Inc., 2011 – 2016, full-time.
−    Production Manager, Nature Foods Co, Ltd, 2009 – 2011, full-time.
5. Certifications or professional registrations 
−    Forklift driving certificate issued by Vocational College No. 8 BH-DN in 2013, graded good. 
−    5S certification granted by the AFCP company council in 2012, graded good.
−    The Chemical Safety Certificate was issued by the Department of Labor BH - ĐN, War Invalids and Social Affairs in 2014. 
−    Food safety and hygiene certificate was issued by the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs in 2015, graded good.
−    Boiler operation certificate issued by Vocational College No. 8 BH-DN in 2015, grated excellent. 
6. Current membership in professional organizations
−    None
7. Honors and awards
−    Achieve ultimate consolation prize in 2018 due to LHU. 
8. Service activities (within and outside of the institution)
−    Join union activities at Lac Hong University from 2017 – 2019. 
−    Perform Work Student Management at the Faculty Mechatronics and Electronics, Lac Hong University from 2013 – 2019. 
9. Briefly list the most important publications and presentations from the past five years – title, co-authors if any, where published and/or presented, date of publication or presentation
−    Research and design 3D printers.
10. Briefly list the most recent professional development activities
Involve in the compilation of the Lessons of Image Processing Application in Industry; Industrial Electrical equipment; Electric Machinery; and English for Electrical and Electronics Engineering. 
Participate in BUIDIT's and LHU’s courses and seminars on program level accreditation including:
−    Advanced classroom Assessment and Evaluation of student Learning
−    Project based learning-part 2
−    Creating and maintaining a culture of quality improvement 
−    Preparing for a Mock ABET visit: preparation, process, and value 
−    In recognition of successful completion of the 3-week intensive Master Teacher Training Program as instructed by multidisciplinary faculty from partnering universities in the BUILD-IT Alliance 
−    Data aggregation, display and evaluation workshop 
−    Driving Towards Accreditation: Lessons Learned for Successful Engagement of Lectures, Staff and Administrations
−    Industry Advisory Board Development Relationships to Support Program and College Needs Workshop
−    Classroom Assessment and Evaluation of Student Learning for Faculty
−    Implementing the training program level evaluation
−    Teaching Method meets student outcome
−    Joint Learning & Technology in education