Cooperate with enterprises to co-produce hand sanitizers



After successfully making hand sanitizers containing nanosilver ingredient, LHU has received proposals of co-production from two enterprises.

Producing hand sanitizers successfully, LHU has presented more 10,000 free bottles to teachers, students, residents, high schools, hospitals,... in Bien Hoa city to joint hands with the community to prevent Coronavirus.

Making hand sanitizers according to WHO standards

LHU has made and delivered free 10,000 bottles of hand sanitizers to help the community to protect themselves from Coronavirus.

Presently, Nature Vietnam Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company and Tam Nhat Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. have proposed and expected to cooperate with LHU to produce and supply hand sanitizers to the market.

Accordingly, Nature Vietnam Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company will be a factory, while the Faculty of Pharmacy of LHU specializes in research and development. Tam Nhat Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is responsible for distributing and supplying products to the market.

Dr. Vu Quynh - Vice Rector of LHU said “Coronavirus situation is still complicated now, prevention is extremely important. Medical masks and antibacterial hand sanitizers are scarce in the market, so researching and making quality products is really essential. Hand sanitizer products are applied according to WHO standards, thus ensuring health for users ”.

Some businesses have proposed LHU to co-produce hand sanitizers, of which the Pharmacy Faculty is a research and development unit.

The main ingredients of hand sanitizers include 70% alcohol with antiseptic effect, moisturizing glycerin, and nanosilver with antibacterial activity.



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