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General introduction about facilities and infrastructure

Currently, LHU has 9 campuses that are shared by all faculties. For theory teaching, LHU has 118 classrooms, 20 large lecture halls, and 2 large meeting rooms. In which, the Faculty of Pharmacy is prioritized 91 rooms. For practice teaching, the FOP has 20 practice rooms (each room accommodates 50 students). Facilities and equipment are fully arranged for theory and practice rooms. The theory rooms are fully furnished with tables, chairs, projectors, fans, air conditioners, microphones and speakers. The practice rooms are arranged according to teaching-learning requirements and updated annually. For function rooms, LHU establishes medical rooms, Office of Student Affairs, security rooms in all campuses, break rooms for lecturers in some campuses and Lac Hong guesthouse. Financial Accounting Department, Office of Academics Affairs, soft skills department, Library, Document Information Center, School Counseling Room, Gym are also arranged to best support students.

The practice rooms, labs and equipment of FOP are heavily invested and updated to meet the requirements of learning, teaching and research. FOP has 20 labs designed for both learning - teaching and research of students and lecturers. Each laboratory is equipped with basic equipment for training and research in the field of Pharmacy. In which, some rooms are equipped with modern and expensive equipment (Atomic absorption spectrometer, HPLC system, Potential Titrators,  Mouse and Rat Tail Cuff Blood Pressure Analysis Systems,  biochemical Analyzers,  UV-VIS spectrophotometer, etc.). LHU has annual expense to maintain, repair and buy new equipment to meet demands for training and research.


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