The Faculty of Science & Food Technology - Nguyen Thi Cam Tien, First Prize Winner of the Dong Nai Province Science and Technology Creativity Contest

In the early days of starting to work on scientific solutions, both my colleague Hoang Phuong Loan and I felt out of our depth. However, with a shared passion for discovery and the desire for more hands-on research experience, the dedicated guidance of our mentor Ms. Doan Thi Tuyet Le helped us to approach and execute our project more scientifically and methodically.

Aiming to enhance the value of pomelos, Tien’s group undertook the project "Application of pomelo peel in the production of certain food products". Their project secured the first prize at the Dong Nai Province Science and Technology Creativity Contest in 2023.

Winning this research and creativity award holds significant meaning for Tien personally, marking a pivotal turn in her educational journey. It has opened up new opportunities and serves as motivation for her to continue striving, exerting ceaseless efforts to present new research topics and produce beneficial food products for the community.

Achieving such positive results today was not without challenges, but thanks to the concern, help, and heartfelt instruction from teachers in the Food Science & Technology faculty and the encouragement from classmates, particularly the devoted support of Ms. Doan Thi Tuyet Le who directly guided, shared, assisted, and inspired us, we gained additional motivation to unite in building and completing our solution. I would like to express my sincere gratitude!

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