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Historical background

Brief Introduction of Faculty of Mechatronics and Electronics

At the early birth of Lac Hong University in 1997, Faculty of Mechatronics and Electronics was established with its first Dean Dr. Le Hiep Tuyen and offered a training program named Electronics- Tecommunication Engineering. At the first stage of its establishment, the Faculty had numerous difficulties and challenges in terms of facilities, curriculum, textbooks, and other equipment for the learning and teaching activities as well as for the scientific research.

Identifying the increasing demand of human resources in the fields of industrial electricity and mechatronics for the development of the industrial parks in Dong Nai province, the University applied for providing some other specialized training programs. Finally, the MOET authorized LHU to provide regular bachelor’s training programs in (1) Mechanical Engineering, and (2) Electrification and Electricity Supply in 1999; (3) Control and Automation Engineering, and (4) Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2007. To have a more effective management, the University established a new faculty named “Faculty of Mechatronics” to specialize in two programs: (1) Mechanical Engineering Technology, and (2) Control and Automation Engineering.

In 2013, the two faculties (Faculty of Electricity – Electronics and Faculty of Mechatronics) were merged to become “Faculty of Mechatronics and Electronics” to strengthen its performance in the new context of regional integration and fierce competition for the sake of its sustainable development, and Dr. Nguyen Vu Quynh was the Dean of Faculty. 

On Feb 2018, Dr. Pham Van Toan became the Dean of the Faculty to continue to develop the strength of the Faculty in the movement of teaching, scientific research, and technology transfer.

Over the past few years, the Faculty has made significant improvement in its facilities with 14 experimental laboratories and one center of Robotic Technology. These well meet the needs of teaching and learning activities and doing research of its faculties and students. All members in the Faculty have tried their best to improve its prestige and create its position in LHU, in Dong Nai Province, and in the South of Vietnam as well as in the whole country.

The Faculty has totally 35 staffs, including 1 associate professor, 6 doctors, 17 masters, and 12 engineers. Currently, there are four departments, including: (1) Electrical and Electronics Engineering; (2) Mechanical Engineering; (3) Control and Automation Engineering; and (4) Electronic and Communications Engineering. With such workforce, the MOET entitle the Faculty to train master degree in Electrical Engineering in 2015.

In order to provide good environment for the faculties and students, all of the experimental laboratories are equipped with projectors, appropriate machines, testing equipment and materials, and air conditioners. With such investment, the Faculty has successfully obtained several prestigious awards and prizes as listed in Table 1.

Table 1. Some remarkable awards and achievements


Contest/ Prize

Domestic Achievements

International Achievements


ABU Robocon

8 Champion

3  2nd Prize

6  3rd Prize

3 Champion

3  2nd Prize

2  3rd Prize


Shell Eco Marathon Asia


4 Champion


Koma Taisen Vietnam

2 3rd Prize



Prize of Vietnam Science and  Technology

2 2nd Prize

1  3rd Prize

5  Consolation



Contest of Vietnam Scientific and Technological Creations

1  Consolation



Prize of Vietnam Young Science Talent

1   3rd Prize

1   Consolation



Prize of Vietnam Labor Intelligence

Top 30 best solutions



Prize of Student Scientific Research – Euréka

2   3rd Prize



Contest of Dong Nai Scientific and Technological Creations

10  1st Prize

12   2nd Prize

15   3rd Prize

31   Consolation



Technology Transfers

25 Projects



Journal publications

29 papers

17 papers


Book publications


3 books

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