Electrical and Electronics Engineering

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Education Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the basic theories of social knowledge
  2. Apply the knowledge of mathematics, physics, natural sciences, and electrical - electronics engineering to solving problems in the field of Electrical - Electronics Engineering (EEE)
  3. Deliver ideas and effectively communicate in writing, photos, and speech related to activities in the field of EEE;
  4. Apply the techniques, skills, equipment, and modern tools to solving problems in the field of EEE;
  5. Recognize, analyze, synthesize, and solve problems of EEE;
  6. Design and improve the electrical - electronic systems of civil and industrial sector;
  7. Evaluate the impact of technology solutions in the field of EEE on the environment and society;
  8. Show professional style and professional ethics;
  9. Work in teams effectively;
  10. Participate in lifelong learning;