The Faculty of Finance - Accounting: Freshmen had pratical experience

The program focussed on the activities of 25 years Lac Hong University’s foundation aniversary, was a part of the signing activities between the school and The enterprise, Bank. This also aim to help students to acquire pratical experiences related to the major.

The FFA always determines the educational purpose associated with the reality, which helps students to approach the environment at enterprises and banks as soon as possible. Since then, such students are able to be more confident on their carrer paths. Therefore, In the afternoon of April 4th 2022, The FFA collaborated with the Dongnai branch of NamA bank in order to establish the program of visiting, pratising and experiencing the Digital Onebank System for students from 21NH111.

In the very visit, students experienced the system at 3 destinations: Quyet Thang Agency, Thong Nhat Agency and Tan Hiep Agency.

Here, students acquired knowledge about Digital Onebank system at NamA Bank and practised as customer service executives.

Although such freshmen are still embarrassed, they bravely asked about job opportunities, promotion opportunities and so on, at NamA Bank. The managers not only shared and answered satisfactorily, but also provided skills, knowledge to increase their confidence in their major.

The visit is the annual activity in the studying period of the faculty. This is the meaningful activity which allows students to reinforce their basis and practical knowledge about bank operation.

There are several pictures of the meeting:

Faculty of Finance - Accounting

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