Finance and Banking

Educational objectives (PEOs)

Aiming at providing students with general background, fundamental and specialized knowledge of accounting with the ability in scientific research and professional skills in practice, the program for Bachelor of finance and banking, hereinafter referred to as FiBa, has 3 specific educational goals (PEOs): Within 5-7 years after graduation, our graduates will:

- PEO1: Become team leaders, managers in banks and other organizations.

- PEO2: Become professional investors and/or consultants in finance.

- PEO3: Engage in lifelong learning to adapt to the rapidly changing economic and financial environment.

Training course and time:

- Training course: Full-time.

- Training time: 3,5 years.

Expected learning outcomes:

By completing the FiBa program, graduates will be able to demonstrate and attain the following expected learning outcomes:

- PLO1: Apply basic knowledge of natural sciences, social sciences and economic sciences to solve problems.

- PLO2: Apply knowledge of finance, banking and accounting to solve practical problems.

- PLO3: Build effective financial solutions.

- PLO4: Build a startup project.

- PLO5: Effectively apply digital technology at work.

- PLO6: Demonstrate the ability to engage in lifelong learning.

- PLO7: Communicate ideas effectively through written, visual, verbal and multimedia communication.

- PLO8: Adhere to standards of professional ethics and practice social responsibility.

- PLO9: Work effectively in groups.

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