The FFA Organizes Consultative Meetings on Accounting Program Outcomes

This morning, in room B405, The Faculty of Finance and Accounting held a crucial meeting to gather feedback and assess the outcomes of the Accounting program. The event attracted comprehensive participation from various stakeholders, aiming to enhance the quality of education and meet the demands of the labor market effectively.

The meeting witnessed the active involvement of representatives from the Training Department, leadership, and instructors, as well as specialists from The Faculty of Finance and Accounting. Additionally, experts and guest lecturers in the field of Accounting was present, creating a diverse environment where opinions and evaluations were openly discussed.

Notably, the meeting included the participation of businesses relevant to the training sector. The primary objective was to ensure that graduating students possess the essential skills and knowledge for effective performance in real-world business environments.

Key topics addressed during the meeting included the definition of necessary student skills, updates on emerging trends in the Accounting field, and the application of modern teaching methods to enhance the quality of education.

Following the meeting, the gathered opinions and proposals will be synthesized and reviewed for necessary adjustments to the Accounting program. This marks a significant step in improving the quality of education and addressing the challenges currently faced by the Accounting industry.

Let us anticipate and closely follow the upcoming developments from The Faculty of Finance and Accounting as continue to enhance the quality of education and the industry's program outcomes.

The Faculty of Finance and Accounting


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