Year-end Party at the Faculty of Finance and Accounting: Lively and Warm Atmosphere

In the chilly air of December, the Faculty of Finance and Accounting at Lac Hong University organized a warm and meaningful year-end party at the sports education ground of the university on December 22, 2023. The event attracted a large participation of students, alumni, and faculty members.

The gathering brought together students from various academic years, creating a vibrant and energetically charged atmosphere. This occasion served not only as a chance for everyone to meet and mingle but also as an opportunity to reflect on the memories and successes of the department in the past year.

The party commenced with an opening speech by the department's leadership, Mr. Nguyen Van Hai, the Vice Dean, emphasizing the importance of unity and connection among lecturers, staff, and students, both current and former. Mr. Hai also shared notable achievements of the department in the past year and proposed directions for future development.

Following the speeches was an outstanding artistic program featuring the participation of students and faculty members from the department. The diverse performances, ranging from traditional songs to modern dances, brought dynamism and vivid colors to the space.

Beyond being a reunion for current students, the year-end party also served as a bridge connecting the current generation of students with alumni, providing them with the opportunity to share experiences and advice for their future careers.

The gathering also became an occasion to honor outstanding faculty members who have continuously contributed to the success and development of the students.

The year-end party concluded with a cozy feast where everyone enjoyed delicious dishes and shared joyful stories. This event not only created memorable moments but also showcased the spirit of unity and strong bond within the community of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting at Lac Hong University.

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