The FFA Union organized a Cooking Competition to celebrate the establishment anniversary of the Union on March 26th.

Amidst the vibrant and joyous atmosphere commemorating the founding day on March 26th, the Executive Board of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting Union at Lac Hong University hosted a cooking competition on March 17, 2024, at the university's sports education field.

The cooking competition served not only as a platform for students to showcase their culinary talents but also as an opportunity to create a space for networking, connection, and enhancing solidarity within the student community. The event attracted enthusiastic participation from teams representing various classes and departments.

From traditional dishes to innovative and unique creations, the participating teams demonstrated creativity, skills, and teamwork in preparing and presenting their dishes. The panel of judges faced the challenging task of evaluating and selecting the most outstanding teams, considering criteria beyond taste and presentation, including creativity and teamwork abilities.

The competition concluded successfully with active participation from students and enthusiastic support from the organizing committee. It was more than just a fun activity; it was an opportunity for the entire university to come together in celebration and create memorable moments in the history of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting Union.

It's evident that bonding, teamwork spirit, and creativity are crucial factors for the success of any activity, and this cooking competition serves as a clear testament to that.

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