The 2nd Accounting Club Activity on "Communication Skills"

At 8:00 AM on April 13, 2024, in room A301, the Accounting Club organized its 2nd activity with the theme "Communication Skills." The event was honored to have the participation of Ms. Au Thi Thanh Thao - Senior Manager at Mitsuba Vietnam Company, along with 2 colleagues. The activity attracted enthusiastic participation from over 250 students from the Accounting department and other majors

at the university.

During this activity, Ms. Au Thi Thanh Thao shared profound experiences and knowledge about communication skills in the workplace. By presenting through specific and practical examples, she helped students gain a clearer understanding of the importance of communication skills and how to apply them in daily work.

Following the presentation by the guest speaker, the activity continued with a practical session organized by student groups. The groups engaged in activities such as role-playing games, expressions, and problem-solving communication situations. Through these exercises, students had the opportunity to apply the knowledge they had learned into practice and reinforce their communication skills.

Finally, the activity concluded with excitement and enthusiasm from all participating members. It is hoped that the knowledge and experiences shared during this activity will contribute to the personal development and future careers of the students.

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