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MSc. Huynh Duc Chan


Education – degree, discipline, institution, year

  • Masters of Engineering Degree, Electronics Engineering, University of Technical Education HCM city, Vietnam, 2011.
  • Bachelor of Engineering Degree, Electricity & Electronics Engineering, University of Technical Education HCM city, Vietnam, 2006.

Academic experience – institution, rank, title (chair, coordinator, etc. if appropriate), when (ex. 1990-1995), full time or part time

  • Lecturer, Faculty of Mechatronics and Electronics, Lac Hong University, 2010–Present, full time.

Non-academic experience – company or entity, title, brief description of position, when (ex. 1993-1999), full time or part time

  • Quality Assurance Engineering (QA), Thermtrol company in VSIP 1, Thuan an, Binh Duong Province, 2006-2010, full time.

Certifications or professional registrations

  • Certificate of Infomaion level B in 2013
  • Certificate of Teaching Methodology In Higher Education, University of Technical Education Ho Chi Minh City 2011
  • Certificate of ISO 9001, 16949, 5S, 14001 in 2006
  • Certificate of Pedagogy Level 2, University of Technical Education Ho Chi Minh City, 2006
  • Certificate of English level B in 2005.
  • Certificate of PLC & net Siemens in 2005

Current membership in professional organizations

  •   Faculty of Mechatronics and Electronics, Lac Hong University.

Honors and awards

  • Certificate of excellent homeroom teache at LHU in 2019.
  • Certificate of Emulation soldiers at LHU in 2018
  • Certificate of advanced labor from 2010-2018 at LHU
  • Certificate of Outstanding union members at LHU in 2018

Service activities (within and outside of the institution)

  • Head of the soccer and volleyball club of the Faculty of Mechatronics and Electronics, 2014 – Present.
  • Homeroom teachers and academic advisers for classes such as: 10DD111, 11DD111, 13DC111, 14TD111, 16DC111 and 19DC111.
  • Join union activities at Lac Hong University from 2010 – Present.
  • Participating in humanitarian activities such as raising funds for a family in the community who is in need, help flood victims, and victims of agent orange, 2010-Present

Briefly list the most important publications and presentations from the past five years – title, co-authors if any, where published and/or presented, date of publication or presentation

  • Huynh Duc Chan, Nguyen Hoang Linh, Nguyen Minh Tam,Tran Van Thanh, Vu Quoc Quynh Opimal Power System Stabilizer Parameters Using Particle Swarm Optimization VCCA 2017, p372-405, 2017.
  • Huynh Duc Chan, Nguyen Ngoc Tuan, Nguyen Minh Tam, Tran Van Thanh, Vu Quoc Quynh, Research Selection Of Optimal PID Parameter Optimazation Solution By PSO For Industrial Systems VCCA 2017, p232-239, 2017.
  • Huynh Duc Chan, Le Thi Thanh Hoan, Nguyen Minh Tam, Optimal Gain Tuning of PI Controller For Induction Motor Using Particle Swarm Optimization VCCA 2011, p 332-337, 2011.

Briefly list the most recent professional development activities

  • Involve in the compilation of the Lessons of Power electronics; Electronics fundamental; Power electronics practice.
  • Participate in BUIDIT's and LHU’s courses and seminars on program level accreditation including:
  • In recognition of successful completion of the 3-week intensive Master Teacher Training Program as instructed by multidisciplinary faculty from partnering universities in the BUILD-IT Alliance
  • Classroom Assessment and Evaluation of Student Learning for Faculty
  • Assessment rubric development techniques workshop
  • Implementing the training program level evaluation
  • Teaching Method meets student outcome
  • Joint Learning & Technology in education
  • Advanced classroom Assessment and Evaluation of student Learning
  • Project based learning-part 2
  • Creating  and maintaining a culture of quality improvement
  • Preparing for a Mock ABET visit: preparation, process, and value


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