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Program Objectives and Program Outcomes

Program Objectives

The program aims at offering a broad experience to students, promoting their professional growth and preparing them for a variety of engineering careers and education pursuit. Upon completing of their degree, graduates will 

  1. Be able to apply general knowledge and fundamental knowledge in mechanical, electronics, control, software, and computer engineering, and acquire a solid command of the newest technologies to work effectively and pursue continuing educational goals.
  2. Be able to analyze, design, operate, maintain and troubleshoot mechatronics processes and systems.
  3. Be able to communicate effectively and demonstrate professional interaction individually and in group situations and could become an effectively leadership.
  4. Be able to undertake a variety of engineering careers relateds to all aspects of the industrial environment.
  5. Apply appropriate strategies to maintain professional, ethical, and social responsibilities and be aware of the impact of their works on the overall organization, society and environment

Program Outcomes

Mechatronics engineering graduates will be able to:


  • ELO 1: Demonstrate a capability to design a system, component, or process to meet desired requirements within realistic constraints such as economy, society, environment, politics, ethic, safety, manufacturability, and sustainability.
  • ELO 2: Apply principles and fundamental knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering and technology to identify, formulate, solve and develop problems in the areas of mechatronics.
  • LO3: Appreciate competent techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary to identify, analyze, interpret and improve working processes or data.
  • ELO 4: Lead and work effectively as a member or leader in a technical team.
  • ELO 5: Utilize effectively English for working, researching, communication and advanced study.
  • ELO 6: Understand the need for and be able to engage in self-directed continuing professional development.
  • ELO 7: Demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively in both technical and nontechnical environments under written, oral, multimedia and graphical communication form.