FEL's Program Learning Outcomes

FEL has set up the Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) based on the contents of the PEOs and meetings with the stakeholders, namely members of the scientific board, lecturers, employers, alumni and students. Their ideas and suggestions have been welcomed and taken into serious consideration to build up FEL’s nine PLOs.

PLO1: apply their knowledge of language, culture and society in a variety of practical contexts

PLO2: demonstrate their ideas effectively through written, oral and visual communication

PLO3: develop their own ability for life-long learning and doing research

PLO4: demonstrate their ability to work creatively in groups and individually

PLO5: behave properly in working environment and in life

PLO6: express professional ethics and responsibility to the community

PLO7: perform their four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English at the advanced level

PLO8: conduct translation and interpretation tasks correctly through the use of Vietnamese and English languages

PLO9: perform tasks in business-related situations and contexts through the use of business English

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