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Faculty of Science and Food Technology - Visit and Share Experience at Want Want Vietnam Co., Ltd.

On September 22, 2023, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Ho Chi Minh City organized a delegation visit of Taiwanese enterprises, with 35 leaders and lecturers from 13 universities participating. Three lecturers from the Department of Food Science and Technology, Lac Hong University, joined the delegation. The destination for this visit was Want Want Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Tien Giang."

According to Mr. Chen Ho Hsien, Head of Education, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Ho Chi Minh City, this is a visit organized by the office to bring leaders and lecturers from universities to visit and work with Taiwanese businesses. The goal is to provide an opportunity for universities to learn more about Taiwanese businesses in Vietnam, including recruitment needs, products, and the development direction of these enterprises. The aim is to convey this information to the students.

During the visit, Mr. Chen Han Hua, the General Director of Want Want Vietnam Co., Ltd., introduced the history, philosophy, development process, and operations of the Want Want Vietnam factory. The factory has a total investment of 50 million USD, located on an area of about 75,000 m2, and can employ up to 2,000 people when running at maximum capacity. The factory operates multiple production lines, including 5 lines for rice cakes and snacks, 2 lines for ice cream, and 2 lines for milk-based beverages.

University lecturers had the opportunity to experience and directly share insights into the modern equipment lines of Want Want Vietnam: rice cake production lines, rice snack production lines, packaging lines, product management, and also taste the high-quality products of the corporation. They also exchanged opinions with Mr. Chen regarding the products, internship opportunities, recruitment needs, and the development direction of the company. University lecturers emphasized that such activities are highly necessary and should be enhanced. Currently, many universities, in the process of autonomy, are reconstructing their training programs and greatly appreciate the participation of businesses to provide input into the programs, bringing them closer to the needs of the business sector.

The trip marked a significant step in strengthening and expanding the collaboration between businesses and universities, promising a brighter future for the relationship between universities and Taiwanese businesses in Vietnam. Through this program, the university and businesses are expected to have a closer and more cohesive relationship, thereby improving the training programs to better align with practical needs. Professors familiar with the business environment can also facilitate early exposure of students to the business world through introductions and connections.

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