Periodic activity of Finance - Banking club in March 2022

Deriving from the practical needs of students, to be a playground to create conditions for students majoring in Finance - Banking and Accounting to promote their abilities, contribute to improving the quality of their study, creating an environment for exchange, studying, and practicing practical application skills. The Finance - Banking Club was born on the basis of being a bridge between faculty and students.

As part of a series of monthly activities, the Finance - Banking Club organized an activity session around the topic " Technical analysis in stock investment " with the online form via Zoom platform at 19:30 on March 11, 2021.

The activity was honored to have the presence of speaker MSc. Tran Van Quyen (Lecturer at Finance - Accounting Faculty, Lac Hong University), Do Dinh Phuc (Senior Investment Consultant, Rong Viet Securities Joint - Stock Company), MSc. Hoang Thi Quynh Anh (Lecturer at the Finance - Accounting Faculty, Lac Hong University). Besides, there were also a large number of students from the Finance - Accounting Faculty and interested people.

Contents of the activity transmitted much important knowledge, especially technical analysis for stock investment, helping students and attendees have more reference tools to identify price movements, the number of sales, how to make your judgment. In addition, the activity also answered questions and concerns of students and attendees when investing in securities. 

The activity ended at 20:45 on the same day.

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