Students in the Faculty of Finance - Accounting studied and experienced ACB PGD Ho Nai bank Product

From 25th to 31th of March 2022, ACB PGD Ho Nai Bank will have collaborated with The Faculty of Finance - Accounting at Lac Hong University to operate the week of experiencing services at ACB bank.

During this period, such students will have been oriented and given practical knowledge, which would be beneficial for their future careers, by the staff at ACB bank. Moreover, the representative of ACB PGD Ho Nai Bank will have had a talk about the job opportunities at the bank, as well as the programs for students such as The Next Banker.

The purpose of the event is to orient toward the activities of the 25 years foundation anniversary which are in contracting between Lac Hong University and Firms, Banks, also developing practical knowledge and experience in the field.

There are some pictures of the program:

Faculty of Finance - Accounting

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