The Faculty Of Finance - Accounting: Establishing orientation of scientific research for 2019 students.

In order to provide 2019 students the comprehensive preparation of student scientific research, in the morning of March 23/03/2022, at campus 1, The Faculty Of Finance Accounting organized the meeting named “Orientation of 2019 students’ scientific reseach topics”

At the meeting, D. Nguyen Van Dung being in charge of Scientific Research Term directly talked on the topic with students studying in The Faculty of Finance Bank and The Faculty Of Finance Accounting.

Mr. Nguyen Van Dung fully intructed third year students in performing, choosing topics and internship units. This is the opportunity for such students to have throughly looks about scientific research, which includes what the research is, its purposes, things needed to do after collecting datas, classifying proposals and petitions. Thanks to the very meeting, the faculty’s students were provided basic perspectives about the concepts, researching issues and methods, necessary skills as well.

There are several photos of the meeting:

Faculty Of Finance - Accounting


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