Students of The Faculty of Finance - Accounting visited the digital bank OneBank at Nam A Bank

The program included in the activities of 25 years Lac Hong University’s foundation aniversary and annually practical visit which help students to acquire experiences during the studying period.

In the morning of March 18, 2022, The Faculty Of Finance Accounting cooperating with Nam A Bank of Dong Nai branch brought students of 19NH111 an opportunity to visit OneBank. Such a bank is one of the modern ecosystem recently launched in some developed countries. Nam A Bank is the first of which applies this system.

Students experienced the program as customers, assistances, visitors. They acquired knowledge about OneBank system and its new functions.

Such visit supported students in their base knowledge, and accumulating helpful experiences for their future career.

There are several picture of the visit:

Faculty of Finance - Accounting

Onebank, Nam A Bank, TCKT, LHU

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