The 2021-2022 Students’ Union Congess of The Faculty of Finance -Accounting

At 2:00pm, March 12th 2022, The Finance - Accounting Students’ Union established The 2021-2022 Students’ Union Congess of The Faculty at B203, campus 1, Lac Hong University.

In terms of The Faculty Leaders, there were:

-Vice Secretary Of The Cell Number 7 – Director of Monetary Finance Department – D. Nguyen Van Dung

-Director of Finance Department – M. Tran Van Quyen

-Director of Managerial Accounting Department – M. Nguyen Tien Quang

Regarding The School Union, there was:

-Vice Secretary Of The School Union – Mr. Tran Tien

In addition, The Executive Board, and students from various years of other faculties also participated in The Congress.

During The Congress, The Closing Report of The Union’s activities in 2020-2021 and operating ways in the new term was approved responsibly and seriously. The Faculty Union movement and studying have to mutually support, in order to create civilized, helpful and healthy playing field for the Faculty. The Former Executive Board also drawed some experiences to better the operating direction in the new term.

The Congress fairly and democratically elected The 2021-2022 Executive Board involving enthusiastic, creative and responsible members who have the good political quality.

The Executive Board of the 2021-2022 Students’ Union will determinedly finish the given missions under the guidance of The Cell, The Head of The Faculty and The Students’ Union.

Faculty of Finance - Accounting


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