Female Volleyball and Swimming: New Fighting Forms at FFA GAMES 2020

Among 8 games in the FFA festival, volleyball and swimming is two new fighting forms added by organization board compared to 2021 FFA games.

In order to follow the physical education with volleyball, the board decided to create the opportunity for students to prove themselves through matches. There were 5 teams enrolling the volleyball tournament involving K19; K20; FRESHMAN 1, 2 and 3. Each team included 3 males and 1 female. Five teams fought and rated in round schedule, after that, two teams having highest points had a final match. Experiencing two exciting days, K19 and FRESHMAN 1 held the highest position. At 5:00pm, March 17th 2022, the final round was established associated with the encouragement of fans. At the end of the match, the team number 1 of freshmans have won the gold medal and the second position belonged to K19. The tournament brought people the fascinating moments and unforgetable memories.

Additionally, the female swimming tournament was a part of 2022 FFA games which brought to the organization board the most of suprises, because of the different appearances of each athlete which caused the uncertain about the champion in this field. The very game was organized at SongPho Swimming Club at 3:00pm, March 16th 2022. As the result, Le Quang Trung (19NH111) and Le Gia Tuan (21NH111) have won the third and the second prize coresspondingly, and the champion of female swimming tournament was Nguyen Xuan Loc (19KT111). Congratulation on the effort of the athletes.

There are several pictures of 2022 FFA games:

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