Successful Third Regular Meeting of the Logistics Club at Lac Hong University

On the afternoon of March 26, 2024, in room B203, Building 1, Lac Hong University, the Logistics Club held its third regular meeting with the theme "Sea Freight Handling Process," featuring guest speaker Mr. Nguyen Tran Quoc Anh, Deputy Director of Dong A Co., Ltd. The event saw enthusiastic participation from 200 students majoring in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

The gathering provided a platform for students and the guest speaker to engage in vibrant discussions and share valuable experiences regarding the sea freight handling process. Mr. Nguyen Tran Quoc Anh, drawing from his extensive expertise in the field, delivered insightful presentations and responded to inquiries from eager attendees.

Throughout the meeting, attendees actively exchanged ideas, insights, and best practices, fostering a dynamic learning environment. The event served as an invaluable opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of logistical operations and gain practical knowledge from industry professionals.

The Logistics Club expresses its gratitude to Mr. Nguyen Tran Quoc Anh for his enlightening contributions and to all participants for their enthusiastic engagement. Such gatherings play a crucial role in enhancing the academic and professional development of students in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Lac Hong University.

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