Closing ceremony of the 2024 Faculty of Finance and Accounting Sports Festival

On the afternoon of April 3, 2024, at the dormitory football field of Dong Nai College of Fine Arts, the closing ceremony of the 2024 Faculty of Finance and Accounting Sports Festival took place with great enthusiasm and excitement from the numerous students and faculty members of the department.

Over the course of more than two weeks of competition, the Sports Festival had attracted keen interest and active participation from students in the department, with lively competition in events such as football, volleyball, swimming, tug of war, stick pushing, sack race, and track and field.

Before the official closing ceremony, the men's football final between the Alumni Team and class 23LG111 took place, providing thrilling and dramatic moments for all spectators. Ultimately, in an exciting match, the Alumni Team emerged victorious, asserting their strength and experience against their younger opponents.

The closing ceremony was graced by the presence of Comrade Truong Le Bao Trinh - Secretary of the Student Union, Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Van Hai - Vice Dean of The Faculty of Finance and Accounting, along with all teachers and students of the department. They shared in the joy and pride of the event's success, demonstrating a strong sense of unity and community cohesion.

The ceremony concluded with the presentation of awards to the outstanding teams and individuals in each competition, marking a successful and meaningful sports festival. The event not only brought joy and excitement to the students but also contributed to fostering camaraderie and solidarity within the academic community.

This event is truly memorable and serves as a foundation for the continued development and sporting tradition of The Faculty of Finance and Accountingin the years to come.

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