The Logistics Club hosted a seminar titled "The Role of Cold Chain in the Economy."

The event garnered significant interest from the student community, with the participation of Mr. Trương Duy Khanh, CEO of CUL UNICOLD, a cold chain corporation. The seminar took place at 4:30 PM on April 16, 2024, in room B203, Campus 1 of Lac Hong University's Faculty of Finance and Accounting.

In this session, Mr. Truong Duy Khanh shared profound insights into the importance of the cold chain in today's economy, especially amidst the increasingly globalized and developed market trends. During the seminar, Mr. Khanh focused on analyzing the challenges and opportunities that the cold chain brings to Vietnam's economy. He also emphasized the significance of establishing and maintaining an effective cold chain supply system, while sharing practical experiences from CUL UNICOLD.

The seminar attracted active participation from students, faculty, and professionals in the logistics and supply chain fields. It not only provided an opportunity for knowledge exchange but also created a forum for members of the logistics community to discuss, learn, and grow together.

With the success of this seminar, the Logistics Club further solidified its position as a leading institution in training and research in the field of logistics and supply chain in Vietnam.

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