Summer Study Abroad at Guilin University of Technology for Chinese Language Students


Have you heard? This summer, 22 senior students of Chinese Language at Lac Hong University had a 2-month summer study abroad program at Guilin, China from June 19th to August 20th, 2023. This program was offered through the partnership between Lac Hong University and Guilin University of Technology (China) with special discounted fees for Chinese language major students. The program fully replaces the final internship requirement at Lac Hong University. These types of collaborative summer abroad programs allow students to gain an in-depth understanding of the culture, lifestyle and native language. Notably, not all educational institutions can send a large group of students abroad for experiential learning like this at the same time. This is a new development initiative of the Chinese Language Department at Lac Hong University for their students.


Chinese Language Department and students at Lac Hong University before departure

On June 22, 2023, the teachers and students of Chinese Language embarked on the “dream” flight while still sitting in the university classroom.



MA. Phan The Anh – Head of Chinese Language Department, shared: "I believe this trip will fulfill the students’ passion for learning Chinese, understanding Chinese lifestyle and culture. This is also an opportunity for them to gain experience and maturity. I hope the students will cherish these 2 months to practice language skills, broaden cultural knowledge about the locals to equip themselves for future endeavors."


A paper cutting art class for Chinese language students at Lac Hong University



Representing the study abroad delegation, 20DT111 student Hoang Mui Lai said: "During this trip I had the chance to exchange ideas with many Chinese and international friends. Through classes and exchanges, I have experienced Chinese culture first-hand, which has greatly improved my Chinese communication competence. Apart from classroom lessons, teachers also took us on cultural and leisure tours where I met amazing local people."


Every year, the university offers various study abroad scholarships. This will be an opportunity for students who love Chinese language and culture to study and research abroad, enhancing future prospects.


Chinese language students at Lac Hong University take group photo with leadership of Guilin University of Technology



Apart from professional knowledge and skills, Guilin University of Technology also regularly organizes classes on calligraphy, martial arts, paper cutting, tai chi, etc, providing students opportunities to apply knowledge into practice, making learning more practical. Especially, teachers take students on shopping and leisure tours for language immersion with locals.


Chinese language students at Lac Hong University take casual group photo after class



Nowadays, after graduation, Chinese Language graduates are highly valued and recruited by many companies.


Study abroad students attend the 2023 cultural festival and graduation ceremony


Study abroad in China - a dream journey for Chinese Language students at Lac Hong University

Teachers and students take group photo when revisiting Guangxi Normal University, where the Head of Department previously studied for Masters

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