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Vietnamese: Ngôn ngữ Trung Quốc

  • English: Chinese Language

The Chinese Language is one of the four departments of the Faculty of Oriental Studies - Lac Hong University. The department trains students for a Bachelor's degree in Chinese Language. Upon graduation, students are equipped with knowledge of the Chinese language as well as the culture, economy, and society of China. With what they have learned at Lac Hong University, students have the capacity to work at domestic and foreign companies and organizations, or they can also pursue further studies for a Master's or Doctoral degree in Vietnam or abroad.

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To uphold the training mission of Lac Hong University, which is:

"To train high-quality human resources with political awareness to serve the cause of industrialization and modernization of the country during the period of international integration and cooperation.

To nurture talented individuals with the ability to pursue postgraduate studies and conduct highly applicable scientific research.

Graduates work effectively and gradually self-train to become managers meeting the needs of organizations in society."

Over the years, the Chinese Language department of the Faculty of Oriental Studies at Lac Hong University has focused on training and fostering qualified human resources with good moral qualities for domestic and foreign companies and organizations. Particularly, the faculty has established cooperative relationships with organizations, universities, and research institutes in the region and around the world to improve the quality of training and the level of students. As a result, many graduates have secured good job positions after graduation.


The Chinese Language department has 13 full-time lecturers, accounting for 34% of the total 38 staff members at the faculty, 02 foreign experts, and 10 visiting lecturers, including 14 Masters and 03 Doctors. All lecturers have graduated from major universities in China with majors in teaching Chinese language, such as East China Normal University, Shanghai Normal University, Guangxi Normal University, Ludong University, Dongzhi University... There are 02 lecturers currently pursuing doctoral studies in China.

Specialized faculty members
Note: Specialized faculty members



Purpose: To create a beneficial playground, helping students gain confidence, be active, and develop life skills after intense study hours. Particularly, through games, students can practice the language, review old lessons, and acquire new knowledge. Additionally, students participating in skill clubs can improve skills such as playing the guzheng (Chinese zither), calligraphy, paper cutting, etc.

  • Activities: Organizing skill clubs, extracurricular activities, and games: Discussing topics in Chinese; guessing Chinese idioms; Star of the Day; solving riddles, etc.
  • Results: Until now, the Chinese Language Club has truly become a familiar playground and is increasingly attracting support from students majoring in Chinese Language.

Some photos of the club.



Full-time university training system.

(Duration of 4 years, divided into 8 semesters. In the 8th semester, students will do an internship at companies or organizations for about 4 months. During the study period, students can also do an internship in China according to the school's program and be exempted from the internship in the 8th semester).

Major code:

Admission subjects: Literature, History, Geography (C00); Math, Literature, History (C03); Math, Literature, English (D01); Math, Literature, Geography (C04)

After completing the training program as prescribed, students will be awarded a Bachelor's degree in Chinese Language by the Ministry of Education and Training.





During their studies in the major, students are supported by the "Scholarship Fund for Underprivileged Students in the Chinese Language Major", full scholarships, and university scholarships.

Master. Nguyen Thi Hoang Oanh - Head of International Cooperation Office, representing the university to receive scholarship funding from the Consulate General of China in Ho Chi Minh City
Master. Nguyen Thi Hoang Oanh - Head of International Cooperation Office, representing the university to receive scholarship funding from the Consulate General of China in Ho Chi Minh City
Master. Phan The Anh - Head of the Chinese Language department, representing the university to receive scholarship funding from the Chinese Entrepreneurs Association in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City Chapter



During their studies, students can apply for short-term summer study abroad programs such as summer courses or internships at partner universities, including Guangxi Normal University, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, Yunnan Normal University, Ludong University, Hubei University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, etc.

Students of the Chinese Language department during their summer internship in Guilin, China in 2019
Students of the Chinese Language department during their summer internship in Guilin, China in 2023



Graduates of the Chinese Language major can work in the following organizations and fields: Working in the areas of translation/interpretation, tourism, and social sciences and humanities related to the Chinese language. Working at research institutes and centers studying Chinese culture and society. Teaching Chinese language and courses in fields using Chinese language at the university, college or high school level. Translating /interpreting Chinese for notary offices, companies, industrial parks, law firms, editorial offices, etc. Working for state-owned enterprises, private companies, joint ventures, and 100% Chinese and Taiwanese invested companies.  Ability to pursue further studies after graduation

After graduating, students can pursue higher degrees (Master's level) in the same major or related fields such as Education, Cultural Studies, Asian Studies, etc.



Chinese Language department, Faculty of Oriental Studies, Room E202, Campus 3, Lac Hong University, Buu Long Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province.

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