Program Educational Objectives

Educational objectives (PEOs)

After graduating from 3-5 years, students majoring in Civil Engineering Technology will:

  1. PEO1: Become a construction engineer with professional ethics, dynamism and creation; catching up with the technology era.
  2. PEO2: Capable of lifelong learning and self-training as a manager.

Training course and time

- Training course: Full-time.

- Training time: 4,0 years.

Expected Learning Outcomes

PL01: Be competent to use majored software

PL02: Perform experiments in construction materials in the Construction Engineering Technology field

PL03: Imply skills and modern technology in Construction Engineering Technology field.

PL04: Erect construction project based on design document

PL05: Design the constructions in Construction Engineering Technology field

PL06: Show professional manners and ethics

PL07: Demonstrate their ideas effectively through written, oral, image in engineering and social engineering

PL08: Effective teamwork in an engineering environment

PL09: Long-life studying

PL10: Adapt to working environment on a digital platform.

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