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About Scientific Research

What is Scientific Research?

Science is a systematic process to find new knowledge and new theories. These new knowledge and theories are better than and gradually replace the old ones.

Scientific research is the activity of studying, observing, and experimenting to discover the nature of things and phenomena with the aim of contributing new things to the science based on the data collection, explanation and evaluation systematically according to the outlined plan.

Scientific research can be classified in two directions: academic and application.

Academic Type: Using methods of observation, experimentation, description, analysis, modeling (mathematical modeling), simulation, or knowledge, life experience to find out the general rules and nature of things or phenomena.

Application Type: Activities of design, construction, improvement of an experimental device, a product or a part of a certain production process.

Students doing research need to have certain knowledge of research field, can work independently as well as work in groups, have methods and especially have instructors.

In developed countries such as the US, China, Japan, ... academic research is strongly deployed and conducted at the Labs like simulating on computers or doing experiments. All physical phenomena in nature, in life can be described in mathematical form to monitor and control its properties with a piece of coded hardware.

In the Hi-tech Park, Vietnam, people also carry out academic scientific research by modeling simulation of a certain product before deploying the use.

Scientific Research Activity at the Faculty of Information Technology

In recent years, the Faculty of Information Technology is particularly interested in scientific research activities of students and lecturers, directing learners to the critical thinking, creative thinking and ability to improve and design. From these skills equipped during their internship, students can confidently propose software improvement ideas. In addition, lecturers and students also participate in research activities to serve life to improve understanding and application of professional knowledge. The Faculty always trains students to do research with the desire to have "products", helping them confidently join in production processes of enterprises after graduation.

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