Graduation Internship

Graduation Internship For Information Engineering Technology Students

Students are allowed a period of time to choose where to take their graduation internship in semester 8; unless you find proper companies within the specified time, you are introduced to certain companies that have relationships with FIT.  

To ensure the effectiveness of your internship, each internship student is monitored by 3 supervisors, including:

(1)   FIT staff in-charge of corporate relations and student support, a member of LHU Division of Cooperate Relations and Student Support (DCRSS): coaching and giving general advice and important notes before students take their internship

(2)   FIT academic advisor: guides them how to adapt to the real working environment, write internship reports and demonstrate specialized products.

(3)   A mentor from the company: gives practical instructions for students to work well during their internship and comments on students’ performance and attitudes with an official signature on the internship logbooks

Finishing the internship program, you are required to submit your internship reports so that FIT sets up relevant evaluation committees to evaluate their performance.

Graduation internship process:

  1. Step 1: Students register for internships and submit registration documents to the Faculty.
  2. Step 2: Faculty confirms registration documents and assigns instructors (FIT academic advisor), publishes a list of students to practice at enterprises and teachers.
  3. Step 3: Students come to the enterprise to start their internship and regularly meet their instructors for guidance on report writing.
  4. Step 4: At the end of the internship, students submit a report to the Faculty.
  5. Step 5: Based on the report submitted by students, the Faculty establishes a committee to evaluate the student's internship.

Student internship report evaluation council:

  1. At the end of the student's internship, based on the report submitted by the student to the faculty, a committee to evaluate the internship report will be established.
  2. The evaluation committee consists of many sub-committees (depending on the number of students doing the graduation internship).
  3. Each sub-committee consists of three evaluation members (sub-committee leader, commissioner, secretary).
  4. In each sub-committee, there is a member from enterprises participating in the evaluation council.
  5. Student report scores are the average of three panel members, assessed against the available rubric of FIT.
  6.  In case during the student's internship period, if the student is signed a labor contract of 01 year or more, an additional point will be added for the contract of 10, the student's internship score = (the average score of three panel members + 10) / 2.

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