LHU provided more 10,000 free hand sanitizers



Recently, LHU has presented 10,000 free hand sanitizers to residents, schools and hospitals in Bien Hoa city. The aim of the University is to joint hands with the community to prevent the spreading of Coronavirus.

These hand sanitizers were produced by the University's Pharmacy Faculty, using 70% alcohol, glycerin, nipagin and nanosilver,... which resist bacteria and viruses.

Many schools in Dong Nai were presented hand sanitisers made in LHU

LHU presented 500 hand sanitisers to Thong Nhat General Hospital of Dong Nai

1,000 hand sanitisers were provided to Dong Nai General Hospital

Doctors at Dong Nai General Hospital tried hand sanitizers given by LHU

Mr. Nguyen Vu Quynh - Vice Rector said due to the shortage of hand wash in the market, the Univeristy had produced a large number of hand sanitizers in an effort to joint hands with the community in preventing the Coronavirus outbreak. So far, the University has provided 10,000 hand wash bottles for free to agencies, organizations and residents in Bien Hoa city.
"We have presented free hand sanitizers to residents, 20 high schools and two hospitals in Dong Nai province. We will produced more hand wash bottles to share with the community. Currently, due to the lack of empty bottles, each household will be given one hand sanitizer. After using up the liquid, bring the empty bottle to the laboratory of the Pharmacy Faculty for further extraction", Mr. Quynh said.


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