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Nguyen Van Dung




Sex: Male

Date of birth: 12th April, 1983

Place/Country of birth: Quang Tri  Province, Vietnam

Employment History:

2008 - present: Lecturer, Faculty of Finance and Accounting, Lac Hong University, Vietnam.


2003 - 2008: Bachelor of accounting

2010 - 2012: Master in accounting

2015 - present: Ph.D in accounting

Other Training/ Certifications

  • Certificate of University Teaching Methodology (2008)
  • Certificate using MISA software (2012)
  • Project – Based Learning models Workshop (2017)


Subjects taught:

  • Accounting Informatics 1
  • Accounting Informatics 2
  • Finance Currency

Research Interests:

  • Accounting Informatics
  • Accounting Information systerm


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  2. The role of accounting information systems for SMEs in Vietnam in the industrial 4.0 context. 2017. Proceedings of the National Workshop "Accounting - Auditing and the Vietnamese Economy" with the Industry 4.0" (November 2017), pages 502 - 509).
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  6. Determinants influencing the application of electronic invoice  on accounting softwares in the fourth industrial revolution era. 2019. International conference proceedings “vietnam accountancy   future and  proceedings, May 2019, Pp.364-371.
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  9. Some solutions to improve the quality of accounting information in small and medium enterprises in Dong Nai. 2020. Journal of Accounting and Auditing, No. 04/2020, pages 73 - 78.
  10. The relationships among accounting, accounting information system and Blockchain technology. 2020, Viet Nam trade and industry review. No 11 (05/2020).






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