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Ly Thi Thu Hien



Full name: Ly Thi Thu Hien

Gender: Female

Date of birth: 29th September 1982

Place/Country of birth: Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

Employment History:

2003 - 2008: Tan Phat Tai Company

2009 - present: Lecturer, Faculty of Finance and Accounting, Lac Hong University, Vietnam


2018 - 2020: Bachelor of English Language

2010 - 2012: Master of Accountancy

2004 - 2008: Bachelor of Accountancy

Other Training/ Certifications:

  • Certificate for participating in workshop for writing and publishing scientific articles in international journals (2020)
  • Basic tender training certificate (2020)
  • Certificate of Teaching Method of vocational colleges (2019)
  • Certificate of Integrating digital pedagogy into teaching and learning activities (2019)
  • 21st Century Skills for the Classroom: Critical Thinking (2019)
  • Digital Instruction for the 21st Century (2019)
  • Certificate for successfully completing the training accounting software practice. (2010-2019)
  • Chief Financial Officer - CFO (2018)
  • Certificate of University Teaching Methodology (2009)
  • Chief Accountant Certification (2008)


  • The third prize of Teacher’s Science Researching of Lac Hong University in 2010.
  • The consolation of Teacher’s Science Researching of Lac Hong University in 2011.
  • The second prize of Teacher’s Science Researching of Lac Hong University in 2016.

Subjects taught:

  • Principles of Accounting;
  • Financial accounting;
  • Basic Audit
  • Accounting informatics 1 (Excel)
  • Accounting informatics 2 (Accounting software for SMEs)

Research Interests:

  • Research fellow in the field accounting and Audit
  • Research on the IFRS and IAS
  • Accounting Information Systems (AIS)


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  2. Ly Thi Thu Hien, Nguyen Duc Huy (2019), "Applying Vietnam accounting standard No. 02 to complete the inventory accounting at Tan Vinh Cuu Joint Stock Company", Journal of Accounting and Auditing,  pp. 51-53.
  3. Ly Thi Thu Hien (2017), “Factors Affecting the Building of the Accounting Information Systematsmall and Medium Enterprises (Smes) in Dong Nai Province”, Social Science Learning Education Journal (ISSN: 2456 – 2408), 2017.
  4. Ly Thị Thu Hien, Le Thuy Tien, Nguyen Thuy Hang (2016), Applying tax declaration support software to the teaching practice of accounting at the Faculty of Finance - Accounting, Lac Hong University”, Journal of Science of Lac Hong University, 2016.
  5. Ly Thi Thu Hien, Le Thuy Tien, (2022), Factors affecting E-commerce adoption in Viet Nam SMEs, Viet Nam trade and industry review, No. 8 (4/2022), pp. 154-160.

Briefly list the most recent professional development activities:

Practising English skill more fluently.

Conducting scientific and academic researches in the field Accounting.

Enrolling on Doctor of Philosophy in Accounting programme at the Academy of Finance.

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