The FFA's Accounting Club hosts a session on the topic: "Career Development - Future Positioning."

At 5:00 PM on April 5, 2024, in room B203, at The Faculty of Finance and Accounting, Lac Hong University, the Accounting Club organized a session with the theme "Career Development - Future Positioning." The session attracted significant interest from students of The Faculty of Finance and Accounting.

The session was organized with the aim of providing students with the opportunity to learn and exchange experiences from successful experts in the field of business and management. With the theme "Career Development - Future Positioning," the specialized session promised to provide valuable information and career development strategies for students.

The event attracted the participation of two reputable guests: Mr. Nguyen Hai Nam - Director of the General Agency Office of Gencasa Go Vap and Mr. Pham Tan Dat - Business Development Director of the Gencasa Go Vap Area. These two esteemed guests will share their career development journeys, along with their secrets and strategies for positioning themselves in today's job market.

The specialized session is not only an opportunity for students to learn from the practical experiences of experts but also a chance to create an environment for exchanging ideas, networking, and expanding relationships within the industry.

We hope that this event will motivate students and provide them with the knowledge to confidently and effectively prepare for their future careers.

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