Accounting Club's 3rd Regular Workshop Session

After two sessions focused on skill enhancement, the third session in the series organized by the Accounting Club, Faculty of Finance and Accounting, has shifted its focus to the development of students' scientific research capabilities. This regular workshop session, themed "Research Document Retrieval and AI Application in Scientific Research Document Synthesis," presents an opportunity for students to gain a deeper understanding of how to approach and apply new tools, particularly Artificial Intelligence, to support their scientific research endeavors.

The workshop is scheduled to take place at 5:30 PM on April 25, 2024, at Accounting Laboratory Room B202. The event will feature the participation of Mr. Bui Van Thuy, Head of the Banking Department - Faculty of Finance and Accounting. During the session, Mr. Thuy will share valuable insights and practical experiences regarding the application of Artificial Intelligence in scientific research.

Students participating in this workshop will have the opportunity to: Gain a better understanding of the process of searching for and utilizing research materials; Apply Artificial Intelligence tools in searching for reference materials, synthesizing literature reviews, and optimizing document exploration; Engage in discussions and share experiences in effectively searching for scientific research materials.

This workshop session is not only an opportunity to expand knowledge but also a significant step towards developing research capabilities for students of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting.

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