Finance and Banking Students Engage in Practical Learning and Experience Onebank

On the morning of May 15, 2024, the students of class 23NH111, Finance and Banking, Faculty of Finance and Accounting had the opportunity to take a field trip and experience the ONEBANK service of Nam A Commercial Joint Stock Bank. The visit provided the students with valuable knowledge and experiences.

During the visit, the students were given an overview of Nam A Commercial Joint Stock Bank, learned about various positions within the bank, and were instructed on how to use modern services such as Open Banking (OPS) and account opening via electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) methods. This information gave the students a clearer understanding of the bank's operations and career opportunities.

Beyond just receiving information, the students directly experienced the digital ecosystem of ONEBANK. This modern automated transaction point allows most banking transactions to be performed without visiting a traditional counter. The students personally tried opening accounts, depositing, and withdrawing cash without using cards, thereby gaining a better understanding of the convenience and advantages of digital banking services.

Through this trip, the students not only gained additional useful knowledge related to the Finance and Banking industry but also gained deeper insights into Nam A Commercial Joint Stock Bank – one of the major banks in Vietnam. These practical experiences will serve as valuable assets, boosting their confidence in pursuing future dreams and career goals.

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