The FFA Organizes a Seminar on "Building a Personal Image Based on Professional Ethics for Accountants"

On the morning of May 18, 2024, at auditorium A301, the Faculty of Finance and Accounting successfully held a seminar on “Building a Personal Image Based on Professional Ethics for Accountants.” The seminar attracted a large number of accounting students eager to learn more about building a personal image and professional ethics in the field of accounting.

The seminar featured Mr. Chung Thanh Tien, Director of Dong Hung Accounting Services Co., Ltd., President of the Understand Correctly - Do Correctly Accounting Association, Member of the Executive Committee of the National Chief Accountant Club, and Southern Representative and Director of the Branch of the National Chief Accountant Club in Ho Chi Minh City, along with his colleagues. Mr. Chung Thanh Tien shared valuable experiences and expertise on maintaining professional ethics and building a professional personal image in the accounting workplace.

The seminar's content focused on topics such as the importance of professional ethics in accounting, the principles and standards of ethics to be adhered to, and practical experiences in building and protecting a personal image. The students had the opportunity to directly interact with the speaker, asking questions related to challenges and opportunities in their profession.

The seminar not only provided useful knowledge but also created an environment for exchange and learning between students and industry experts, helping young people to orient and develop their careers in a correct and sustainable manner.

This seminar left a profound impression on the students, affirming the important role of building a personal image and maintaining professional ethics in accounting, contributing to improving the quality of education and better preparing the future generation of accountants.

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