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Development strategy 2011-2015 and vision for 2020

I. General goals
The overarching objectives of LHU's development strategy are as follow:

- Implementing basic and comprehensive innovation of education in Vietnam pursuant to standardization, modernization, socialization, democratization and international integration orientations. 

- Enhancing people's intellect, fostering talents, developing highly qualified human resources meeting social needs, improving comprehensive education quality.

- Paying special attention to educating people's ideals, revolutionary historical traditions, morality, lifestyles, creative competence, practical skills, industrial style of work and sense of responsibilities.

II. Main tasks 
1. Deploying the plan of basic and comprehensive innovation of education in the university.
2. Renovating management structure.

- Implementing autonomic rights and social responsibilities.

- Continuing implementation of Instruction No. 296/CT-TTg of the Prime Minister.

- Innovating inspection and organization, directing self-examination work.

- Carrying out annual target enrolling procedures, performing all conditions to ensure the training quality.

- Renewing examination, quality assurance activities to increase training quality.

innovating information collecting and processing work.

- Refreshing commendation and emulation work 

3. Building up staff
- Realizing human resources developing programs 2012 - 2020 stage.
- Organizing teachers assessing and ranking
- Heightening teachers' computing and foreign language abilities
- Implementing MA and PhD education programs, combining at home and abroad training
- Performing preferential policies in lecturers recruitment and selection.
4. Renewing curricular, teaching and learning methods.
- Widening and enhancing foreign languages training quality, mainly English language (Foreign languages learning and teaching project).
- Renovating training objectives and programs, satisfying labors' professional standards, combining theory and practice teaching pursuant to integrated program.
- Renovating education programs associating with the social needs, performing credit training program, expanding two-way training program: research and applied professions
- Carrying out innovation of testing and teaching methods, evaluating students' study results and ethics, raising learners' self-awareness, the sense of initiative and creativity, laying stress on learners' abilities and qualities evaluation, changing one-way knowledge transmission into self-learning instructed and managed by lecturers.
5. Reinforcing comprehensive education work to students
- Continuing the effective deployment of learning and following President Ho Chi Minh's moral example associated with campaign implementation "Each teacher is a moral, self-taught and creative example".
- Speeding up education work of morality, lifestyle and living skills; Strengthening management work, cooperating to guarantee university's security and order and to prevent crimes, violence, social evils in students at all levels. Instructing the deployment of action program of Education in preventing the evils of violent and unhealthy online games 2011-2015 period. Building safe university's environment, preventing accidents, implementing the national target program on clean water and environmental sanitation, ensuring food safety. Deploying the action plan of Education in HIV/AIDS prevention 2012 - 2020 stage, vision for 2030. Building and conducting the projects of "Strengthening prevention of drugs in schools in complicated areas", "Educating behavior change and preventing family violence 2010 - 2020 period"
- Promoting physical education, taking care of students' health; Building the project of renewing physical teaching and sports activities; Setting up criteria to assess physical training; Continuing to organized sports activities and movements inside and outside the country.
- Deploying effective performance of the project: Increasing the quality of disseminating law education in the whole school 2010 - 2012 period. Building the project for 2020.
6. Forming financial plans and upgrading facilities

- Determining school-fee rate focusing the interrelation between investments, tuition and training quality.

- Implementing the remission of school-fee and preferential credit program for students. Continuing to support graduates and postgraduates’ higher education.

- Building up an overall development plan 2012 - 2020 stage.

- Building e-library system and materials center. Constructing modern laboratories.

- Upgrading facilities and modernizing equipment.

7. Intensifying training and research activities, technology transfer meeting the social need.

- Mobilizing maximum participation of enterprises in defining training needs, building and evaluating programs, supporting in arranging students' internship places and employment. Deploying contracts and agreements actively, using signed human resources.

- Expanding the cooperation relation between the university and enterprises in training, using the workforces, in research and technology transfer.

- Trying to associate with foreign partners in training and research activities, deploying applications of new technology.

- Concentrating on investing key scientific research establishments in the university.

8. Stepping up IT applications and educating IT human resources.

- Building and deploying the network system, developing the library, numerical resources, e-Learning, helping to innovate teaching contents and methods.

- Raising the training quality in basic IT and major knowledge for students.

9. Broadening and advancing effective international cooperation in education.