About Us

Located in the Southern key economic zone, Lac Hong University is recognized as the first institution in Dong Nai province. The University was founded in 1997. Its birth has become an indispensable trend meeting the imperative needs for technical human resources of a fast socio-economic growing province with the focus of speeding up industrial parks, industrial and services professions. As an educational establishment with interdisciplinary and multi-level training, LHU offers programs in vocational training, college, undergraduate and postgraduate education. Currently, it offers 9 faculties, 20 branches and 29 majors with an enrollment of more than 20, 000 students.

LHU Overview

Introducing key facts and detailed information about LHU’s history, development, objectives, achievements, ….


The University is now led by Rector People’s Teacher Dr. Do Huu Tai, governed by the Board of Trustees and supported by numerous organizations and units.


Lac Hong University offers students the best learning and research environment by upgrading modern campuses and furnishing advanced equipment,...

Development process

LHU's establishment and development via its former leadership and key dates.


Lac Hong University receives great assistance and support from social and political organizations.
LHU's missions:
"Lac Hong University is a technology transfer, applied scientific research and training institution, meeting social needs. The University provides highly qualified human resources; cultivate competent and virtuous talents, serving the national industrialization and modernization in the context of international integration".
LHU's Principles: "Morality - Intelligence - Creativity"