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Academic staff

Most of LHU faculty members are young, dynamic, qualified and devoted. Many lecturers have received Master's and PhD degrees, graduated from big universities inside and outside the country. Beside experienced permanent lecturers, the University has invited outstanding ones from prestigious universities. Teaching staff of LHU have played an important role in the University's development and achievements so far. They also contribute remarkably to the improvement of education quality and prestige at LHU itself.
To improve the quality of education, the University Management Board has been making every effort to offer lecturers precious opportunities to develop their competence. Each year, the University sends many lecturers abroad to get higher education and join in many refresher courses in foreign countries.
Currently, the total number of staff is more than 600 people, including over 500 teaching faculty. More than one third of the faculty has Doctorate degrees. Others have specialized Master degrees. Most of the others are studying for postgraduate degrees.

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