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Educational philosophy

1. Statement of LHU Educational philosophy:  "Morality - Intelligence - Creativity"

2. General meaning of educational philosophy:
With the educational philosophy of "Morality - Intelligence - Creativity", Lac Hong University aims at training people to have social responsibility, serve the community, and promote their intellectual skill and spirit in their professional fields and daily life, constantly searching for and creating new things.

3. Specific meaning
Morality: Learners are educated and trained to have a good sense of responsibility in their work and daily lives, to become good citizens who live and work with full responsibility towards their society and serve their community through specific social activities. 
Intelligence: Learners are motivated to entirely develop their intelligence and competences in positive thinking, critical thinking, studying and solving practical problems through active teaching and learning methods.
Creativity: Learners are encouraged to maximize their creativity through research activities and deployments of their research in practice.

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