Seminar “Training, science research and technology transfer associated with business need"

Dong Nai – based Lac Hong University is a young one compared with other prestigious universities in Vietnam. However, its training quality has been highly appreciated by the Ministry of Education and Training as well as the society. After 15 years of operation and development, Lac Hong University has established cooperation relations in training and using human resources effectively with businesses. The university actively contacts and invites businesses to join in building training programs output standard, boosting the signing of cooperation agreements and manpower supply. Up to 2011-2012, the university has signed 558 agreements on training and providing human resources with businesses. This is the result of the model “The university and enterprises carry out science research together and apply the research findings ”. Lecturers and students together with businesses have conducted many research projects with highly practical value and produced products transferred to enterprises in and outside the country such as Japanese Nectokin Company, Plus Corporation,…

The relation between the university and businesses is encouraged to extend and develop deeply particularly in training, science research and technology transfer by the Ministry of Education and Training. Lac Hong University has been preparing for a right step with the Ministry’s policies, suiting new educational regulations that will be soon issued. The associate model between Lac Hong University and businesses should be promptly enlarged, and shared with  other universities nationwide” said Prof. DSc. Bui Van Ga – Deputy Minister of Education and Training at the seminar “Training, science research and technology transfer associated with business need” held at Lac Hong University on October 6, 2012.

Prof. DSc. Bui Van Ga speaks at the seminar.

The seminar saw the great participation of Mr. Bui Anh Tuan - Director General of Department of Higher Education, Mr. Do Quoc Anh - Department Head, Director of Ho Chi Minh City Representative Office of the Ministry of Education and Training Mrs. Hoang Thi Lan Phuong – Deputy Director of Department of Higher Education, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tri - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, Mr. Nguyen Manh Van – Deputy Chief of Dong Nai industrial zones, Heads of organizations, department, agencies, representatives from more than 100 enterprises, 45 alumni and representative students of 11 faculties of the university.

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Tri highly appreciates the cooperation relation between the Lac Hong University and businesses.

Deputy Chief of Dong Nai Industrial Zones Nguyen Manh Van lays stress on the need for highly qualified human resources at industrial parks in the coming time.

The seminar focused on the training situation and human resources using in Dong Nai province and solutions for boosting the effectiveness of cooperative relations between the university and businesses. In general, representatives from enterprises have highly appreciated the quality of Lac Hong’s students especially in recent years when the university actively speeds up many cooperative activities with businesses in training. Addressing at the seminar, Mr. Le Hau – representative of Chang Shin Vietnam Co., Ltd, said “I am honored to represent for my company to be here today. We know Lac Hong University not only by the media but in fact by research cooperation on automation in some production procedures. Dong Nai province has 16 factories of 5 Nike Shoe Corporations with more than 100, 000 workers. With the shortage of workforce at present, applying automation into production processes is indispensable. Our factory extremely needs the coordination of the university to improve our production lines. If successful, this will reduce the labor cost remarkably for the factory”. In addition, a representative of Sai Gon Electrical Equipment Corporation affirmed “Designing six-month period of probation for students at enterprises like Lac Hong University is very appropriate. For the past years, we have been very pleased about the quality of Lac Hong’s students when they take apprenticeship at our company. They have wide knowledge, good working manners. They also have good research methods particularly have many research works with high applications

Deputy Director of Sanko Mold Vietnam Co.,Ltd Phan Anh Tuan

Affairs Head of VMEP Vietnam Co., Ltd Pham Van Vui

Also speaking at the seminar, Meritorious Teacher. Dr.  Do HuuTai – Chairman of the Trustee Board, Vice Rector of Lac hong University expressed his thanks to businesses for their care and support  during the past time. He also added “We will listen to all suggestions and try to renovate the training program, output standard… suitable for enterprises’ requirements. In the coming time, Lac Hong will continue its efforts to consolidate and strengthen the relation by mobilizing the thorough join of businesses in training needs, building and assessing the program, probation and recruitment, actively deploying agreements and contracts signed about training and using human resources. Also, the university extends associate forms with businesses in training, using human resources and transferring technology”.

Rector of Lac Hong University Dr. Do Huu Tai expresses his sincere thanks to partnership businesses at the seminar.

Ending the seminar, Mrs. Hoang Thi Lan Phuong - Deputy Director of Department of Higher Education confirmed that “The seminar is very practical, suitable for new policies and strategies of the Ministry of Education and Training which are directed to implement. This is the occasion for policy formers like us to have more bases and information so as to supplement and adjust policies, assisting our education and training in enhancing the qualification of human resources and international integration”.

Deputy Director of Department of Higher Education Hoang Thi Lan Phuong makes an ending speech at the seminar.

Rector Do Huu Tai, Ph.D receives the present from Mr. Katuhisa Ishikawa - Deputy CEO ofSanko Mold Vietnam Co.,Ltd

The participating delegates take a souvenir photo at the seminar.