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Message from the dean of the faculty

Dear distinguished Enterprises, parents, alumni, and prospective students!   

Over the 20 years of establishment and development, the Faculty of Oriental Studies has trained many generations of excellent students for the country. In the current period, Vietnam is in the process of strong international integration; Japanese, Korean, and Chinese businesses are investing in Vietnam, especially Dong Nai province, more and more, creating a huge demand for manpower. In the new period, in order to meet the needs of enterprises and the development trend of society, the Faculty of Oriental Studies constantly improves in order to improve the quality of training and the management of training according to international standards; focus all resources to help students not only be fluent in Language, culturally knowledgeable, good at skills, and have good morals, but also have the spirit of self-study, creativity, constant self-development, and integration in a multinational working environment and aim to become a global citizen.  

We appreciate and look forward to receiving cooperation and assistance from businesses, parents, and alumni. All those good things are for the students - the future talents of the country.

Dean of Oriental Studies Falculty

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