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LHU makes SmartReg to prevent Covid-19

Recently, LHU has launched a smart thermometer or SmartReg to join hands with the community to prevent Covid-19. SmartReg was researched and made by IT Faculty and ThoMi company. 

Accordingly, this type of thermometer can automatically measure body temperature with the distance from 2 - 5 cm. In the case of a normal person, a beep will be heard when the measurement is completed and the results will be showed after that.  When body temperature is higher than 37.5 °C, the device will make a continuous beep.

SmartReg can automatically adjust according to the height of the measurer

Not only measure body temperature, SmartReg also has many other smart features such as Detecting and reminding people who take body temperature without wearing masks; Displaying images of measurers; Automatically adjusting the height to suit each person; Making voice announcements and having an automatic hand washing faucet;….

According to Ms. Phan Thi Huong - Lecturer of Faculty of IT - Member of this project authors, this SmartReg automatically stores the data after measurement. "This makes it easy for users to make medical reports, manage and monitor easily and accurately."

This device can automatically identify and remind those who do not wear masks and have signals for cases of body temperature above 37.5 °C

Dr. Lam Thanh Hien - Permanent Vice Rector of LHU said “Our desire is to create many products that are highly applicable in our lives. Especially in the current situation, when the Covid -19 virus is so complicated, an automatic product like SmartReg is one of the suitable options for businesses, offices, hospitals, ... to minimize the risk of virus spreading in the community ".

The SmartReg also has an automatic hand washing faucet

So far, in addition to Dong Nai General Hospital, some other enterprises have requested to order the device and the University has signed contracts to transfer and bring technology products to life, contributing to fighting the disease ” added Dr. Hien.


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