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What is GIT? Why does DEV need to learn about GIT?

Mr. Phan Thien Phuoc - Lecturer of Faculty of Information Engineering Technology had a livestream on October 19 to introduce and share information about GIT with students.

During the livestream, Mr. Phuoc gave students a brief overview of GIT as well as instructions to use it.

GIT is a Distributed Version Control System (DVCS), one of the most popular systems now. GIT provides each developer with its own repository containing the entire change history.

The live session provided students with useful information and knowledge of GIT

During the live session, students learned about GIT system and how to use it in the most understandable way. Students also learned about concepts and terms such as Clone, Branch, Stage, Commit, Tracking, Merge, Pull, Push, etc. and it will be the answer for What is GIT,  How to use it, Why to use it. Benefits and useful knowledge of GIT were provided to the participants, too.

The Faculty will arrange a second live session for students to learn more about GIT.



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