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Development history

Early 1990s, the process of industrialization and modernization implemented by the Communist Party and Vietnam Government attracted a huge amount of capital of foreign direct investment (FDI), and many industrial parks have been established in Dong Nai Province since then. The provincial authorities expect to have an education institution to provide high quality human resources for the industrialization of the Province in particular and the Southern key economic zone in general. Thus, on September 24th, 1997, the Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet signed Decision No. 790/TTg to officially launch Lac Hong University (LHU) in Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai province. LHU has been recognized as the first private university in Dong Nai province situated in the Southern key economic zone.

Faculty of Finance - Accounting (FFA) was formerly originated from Faculty of Economics. By 2005, due to the increasing demand for study in economic disciplines, Rector of Lac Hong University established the Faculty of Finance - Accounting under Decision No. 298 dated September 17, 2005 to provide two bachelor training programs: Finance – Banking and Accountancy. Due to the increasing number of students in Accounting and Finance – Banking, in early 2010, FFA was divided into two: Faculty of Accounting – Auditing and Faculty of Finance – Banking under Decision No. 298 dated September 17, 2010 by the Rector of LHU. In 2014, in order to facilitate the management and improve the training quality, on July 1, 2014, the Rector promulgated Decision No. 714/QD-DHLH ingesting Faculty of Accounting - Auditing and Faculty of Finance - Banking to become the Faculty of Finance - Accounting as currently. Besides the undergraduate programs, FFA currently offers master degrees in Accountancy and Finance- Banking.

The Faculty have 26 staffs; including 2 Associate Professors, 9 Ph.D., 03 Ph.D. candidates and 12 Masters. FFA aim to educate and train learners to meet social demands in terms of professional knowledge, proficient skills and positive attitude with good political and ethical qualities. Graduates from B.Acc are trained in accordance to the regulations of the Ministry of Education & Training and the practical needs from businesses. The B.Acc program has been constructed and updated based on the reference of similar programs provided by some domestic and foreign universities. Therefore, its graduates are qualified to not only work in different business sectors but also have a good research capacity and problem-solving skills in the field of finance and accounting.

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