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Mission – Vision - Objectives

Mission – Vision – Objectives of Faculty of Finance - Accounting

a) Mission of Faculty of Finance - Accounting

Faculty of Finance – Accounting (FFA) is a unit of Lac Hong University specializing in providing not only training programs, scientific research and business services in the fields of finance accounting, management accounting and auditing (Accounting major); banking, corporate finance, financial policy analysis (Finance – Banking major) but also community service to satisfy social needs. FFA contributes to provide high-quality human resources in finance and accounting and cultivates talented and qualified people to serve the process of industrialization and modernization of the country in the period of international integration.

b) Vision of Faculty of Finance - Accounting

FFA aims to become a leading unit in training and applied scientific research in finance and accounting at graduate and postgraduate levels in Vietnam by 2030.

c) Educational Objectives of Faculty of Finance - Accounting

After two to three years of graduation, our graduates will:

1. Be able to work in professional fields of finance and accounting.

2. Be able to manage groups in accounting, finance and credit in enterprises and banks.

3. Become Chief Accountants, Heads of Accounting, Financial Management, CFO in domestic and international enterprises;

4. Become researchers, lecturers, economic inspectorates, etc.

5. Be capable of pursuing postgraduate studies to get master's and doctoral degrees.

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