Evaluating and selecting the Fundemental Criteria to Construct the Exported Rice Transport System of South Vietnam in 2020 – 2030


    As world population climbs, the number of countries suffering food shortages and starvation of inhabitants has substantially increased. While rice demand from Vietnam grows considerably, her export competition faces more intense than ever on international rice markets, where Thailand and Indiaare the traditional competitors and Cambodia, Myanmar and Unite States are new entrants. To cope with the escalating competition from those countries, it is imperative that Vietnam conducts system reforms for the rice transport to ensure her persistent competitive advantages and safety in the international market. Therefore, this research focuses on construction of the fundamental criteriafor the Vietnamese rice transport systems in Mekong Delta area. Based on the export data analysis, evaluation, selection, and prediction procedures, we build an optimal transport model to lower the rice price, reduce the transport costs, as well as enhance the export efficiency. The result shows that this model can significantly benefit the Vietnamese rice export over the period of 2020-2030.

    Key words: rice export, transport system, fundamental criteria, export efficiency, Vietnam.

    Truong Kim Phung (2017)

    Asian Journal of Research in Business Economics and Management Vol. 7, No. 5, May 2017, pp. 19-30. ISSN 2249-7307


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