Solutions to expand lending activities for household production at Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development - Dong Nai Province Branch....


    This study analyzes the current lending activities for households at Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development - Dong Nai Province Branch (Agribank Dong Nai). The study also evaluates the service quality of lending activities for household production of the bank through a survey of 333 households who are borrowing from the bank. The study finds out that there are 6 factors affecting the satisfaction of customers with Agribank Dong Nai’s service quality of lending activities for household production. These factors are tangibles, reliability, empathy, guarantee, responsiveness, and price. Based on the study’s results, some solutions are proposed to help the bank expand its lending activities for households in the period from 2022 to 2030.

    KEYWORDS: expansion, loans, household production, satisfaction, Agribank, Dong Nai province.

    Bui Van Thuy, Dang Thi Kieu Oanh, Uong Thi Thuy Tien (2022)

    Viet Nam trade and industry review. ISSN: 0866-7756, No. 23 (10/2022), pp. 354-360.

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