Macro factors affecting changes in VNIDEX stock index in the period 2006-2016


    This researches aims to measure the impact of macro variables including inflation rate (CPI), rate of change in industrial output (IP), interest rate (Int - Rate), and the impact of change VN index index (VNI) at the HCM Stock Exchange (HOSE). The researches used the combined regression model on the monthly database from January 2006 to December 2016 including 132 observations. The researches results show that the variable IP is in the direction of VNI, while the inflation variable is opposite to the VNI.

    Keywords: macro factors, inflation, industrial output, VN index, Viet Nam.

    Tran Van Quyen (2019)

    Scientific seminar to assess the impact of the stock market on Vietnam's economic growth; Quarter 2/2019; HCMC Economic Publishing House; Page 175 - 184, ISBN:987-604-922-727-1

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